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Our Story

Hi, we’re Camden Games. 

Born and bred in Camden Town, our founder is very much part of the history of this vibrant area, and the changes too! 

He started out in the Lighthouse, the local high street electrical store, and transformed it into a crazy gadget shop - we’re talking giant bubbles and foam snow being blown down the high street, confusing tourists along the way.  

Fascinating fact: this store is situated next to a curry house which Madness (80’s pop legends for those of you who don’t know) first used for early practice sessions! Groovy, huh?

A move away from the area to pursue a career in board games followed, and after making lots of best selling games for many other companies, he’s now back in our OG stomping ground, gracing Camden Town with Camden Games.

‘’Making and playing games has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Launching Camden Games after such a long career in the industry is a fantastic opportunity. I see our games in the same way as I do Camden Town, fun, playful & quirky - with a bit of a twist!

There’s no denying the last few years have gone a bit ‘pear shaped’ for all of us, so why not play our Pear Shaped game for a rocking good time! (And don’t forget to do the ‘Shakes-Pear’)”

- Gav 

Lovely bit of promo there, Gav - nicely done.

On that note, we hope you like our games & love to know what you think!

The Camden Games Team

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